Salter takes on Ninja with its new super-sized dual air fryers

Bigger is better with the new extra large and feature-rich air fryers from Salter

Salter air fryers
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British homeware company Salter has just announced two new super-sized air fryers that are set to take on the likes of Ninja. With large capacities, energy-saving features and surprisingly low price tags, Salter looks to take on Ninja as the new affordable air fryer brand on the market.

As a popular UK appliance brand, it’s no surprise that Salter has its own extensive range of the best air fryers. From compact single-sized air fryers to air fryer, grill and microwave hybrid models, Salter has thought of every air fryer form imaginable, and now it’s going super-sized.

Taking feeding the whole family to an entirely new level, Salter has unveiled two new large capacity air fryers: the Salter 7L Dual Air Fryer with Divider and the Salter 6.5L Digital Air Fryer. The former is what’s grabbed my attention as it looks to take inspiration from the Ninja Foodi FlexDrawer with its versatile and expandable internal basket.

The Salter 7L Dual Air Fryer with Divider may boast an extra large capacity but the air fryer itself is surprisingly compact and can sit comfortably in most kitchens without taking up too much countertop space. For cooking for up to six people, the Salter 7L Dual Air Fryer with Divider has two 3.5-litre drawers that can be used individually to make different mains and sides.

Both drawers can be synced together so the food in each compartment is ready at the same time, but the most impressive feature of the Salter 7L Dual Air Fryer with Divider is its divider. By removing the divider between the two drawers, the Salter 7L Dual Air Fryer with Divider becomes one large basket, offering 7-litres of space for bigger meals, full cuts of meat or fish and super-sized traybakes.

While the concept of an ‘expandable’ air fryer is impressive, it’s not the first time we’ve seen this technology. Ninja launched the Ninja Foodi FlexDrawer last year which boasts a 10.4-litre capacity when the divider is removed to create a ‘Megazone’ cooking compartment. But aside from the extra capacity which is 3.4-litres bigger than Salter’s, the Salter 7L Dual Air Fryer with Divider is substantially cheaper than the Ninja model, at just £99.99.

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The divider, extra large size and price are already big selling points of the Salter 7L Dual Air Fryer with Divider but it also has plenty of other exciting features to explore. It has six pre-set functions, including air fry, roasts, bake, dehydrate, reheat and manual, which can all be selected and customised via the sensor-touchscreen. Using a powerful 2000W output, the Salter 7L Dual Air Fryer with Divider has a 60-minute timer, super speedy cooking time and comes with a non-stick tray for more cooking options.

The Salter 7L Dual Air Fryer with Divider will be launching soon, and it’ll also be joined by the new Salter 6.5L Digital Air Fryer. Slightly smaller than its sibling, the Salter 6.5L Digital Air Fryer is still pretty spacious and has more cooking functions available.

The Salter 6.5L Digital Air Fryer’s digital touchscreen has 11 pre-set cooking options, so you can quickly and easily cook a variety of food like chicken, sausages, chips, fish, vegetables and steak with a click of a button. Another affordable model, the Salter 6.5L Digital Air Fryer will cost £69.99 and will be available soon on the Salter website and select retailers.

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