Is Ryan Gosling set to play Ghost Rider? Marvel boss Kevin Feige responds

Feige also provides an update on Harry Styles in the MCU

Ryan Gosling / Ghost Rider in Agents of Shield
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Is Ryan Gosling on the verge of joining the MCU? Marvel president Kevin Feige has addressed the possibility of the Blade Runner 2049 actor joining the superhero franchise for the first time – and it's sounding promising. 

During San Diego Comic-Con 2022, where Marvel unveiled its full slate of Phase 5 movies and Disney Plus shows, Feige was asked what he thought about Gosling's comment about wanting to play the character of Ghost Rider, and whether we could hear anything about casting anytime soon. 

"Hey man, if Ryan wants to be Ghost Rider... Gosling's unbelievable," he told MTV News. "Ryan's amazing. I'd love to find a place for him in the MCU. He's dressed up as Ken on Venice Beach and gets more press than giant movies coming out that weekend. It's amazing." 

The character of Johnny Blaze / Ghost Rider was first brought to screen by Nicolas Cage in the 2007 film of the same name and its 2012 sequel, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance. Gabriel Luna (Terminator: Dark Fate) then portrayed Blaze in the fourth season of Agents of Shield, though that show is not considered canon to the MCU. 

Gosling was reportedly courted for the role of Richard Rider / Nova in the upcoming Marvel production, though the actor shut down those reports in June earlier this year. Could he be holding out for Ghost Rider? The Walking Dead and Death Stranding's Norman Reedus has also expressed an interest in playing the role. 

Additionally, Feige provided an update on the future of Harry Styles in the MCU, following his debut in the post-credits scene of Eternals. He also noted where Spider-Man will now be based in the MCU going forward.

The full quote from the Marvel boss reads: "Yes, the adventures of Eros and Pip is something that is very exciting for us. You're talking about Ghost Rider, we've got Blade, we've got Doctor Strange, with the supernatural angles. We've got the street-level with our announcement of Daredevil and of course, Spidey going into the street-level heroes, and cosmic. And that's where our friends Eros and Pip live." 

Marvel went all out at SDCC showcasing two new Avengers movies, the first trailer for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever as well as what we can expect from the MCU over the next few years. It's an exciting time for comicbook fans. 

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