Roku’s streaming TVs and streaming sticks just got a great free upgrade

Roku has just delivered the biggest upgrade to your Roku account in five years

Roku TV in use showing home screen
(Image credit: Roku)

If you've got one of the best TVs with Roku built-in, have a Roku Streaming Stick in one of your TV's HDMI ports or use the Roku app on your Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K, we've got good news: there's been a massive update to the Roku Channel delivering a whopping 36 new live streaming TV channels. The channels are all free.

All you need to access them is a Roku device and account, and you'll be tuning in to shows such as The Great British Baking Show in no time at all.

What new channels are on the Roku Channel in 2022?

Some of the channels are more exciting than others. There's a new AMC Showcase channel that will feature popular shows such as Mad Men and The Walking Dead; an entire channel dedicated to The Great British Baking Show; The Block, a channel dedicated to Black movies and entertainment; NBCUniversal Telemundo, NBC's Spanish language channel; and less excitingly, QVC and the Home Shopping Network.

In addition to the new channels, Roku has also announced a large selection of free movies including lots of family-friendly films such as Chicken Run and Babe; action movies including The War of the Worlds, four Lethal Weapons and The Shallows; free comedy movies including There's Something About Mary and the cult hit Office Space; and dramas including Wall Street and Eat Pray Love.

The Roku Channel is available in the US, Canada and UK, but the website streaming is only available to people located in the US. You can access the Roku channel on Roku devices, of course, but there are also dedicated apps for iOS, Android, Amazon Fire TV and some Samsung TVs too.

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