RODE launches VideoMic GO II portable microphone and I couldn't be more excited

New lightweight VideoMic GO II is perfect for budding content creators, streamers and even journalists

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RODE fans, rejoice! The Australian company just announced the successor of its best-selling on-camera microphone, the VideoMic GO II, an ultra-lightweight shotgun microphone that’s packed with innovative features and said to offer superb sound quality. This is a game-changer for people like me who need a compact and highly portable microphone for on-the-go video shooting.

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RODE VideoMic GO II: Price and availability

The RODE VideoMic GO II is available to buy from today, 11 Jan 2022 at RODE.

Price TBC.

For more info, visit RODE today.


(Image credit: RODE)

RODE VideoMic GO II: A plug-and-play shotun microphone for content creators

Although RODE advertises the VideoMic GO II as an on-camera mic, it can be used for a variety of purposes that includes streaming or even video calls. It features the same acoustic design as the VideoMic NTG and NTG5 professional shotgun microphones, which utilises RODE's annular line tube technology to deliver "unmatched transparency and rich, full-bodied sound that enchances the audio quality of any device it is connected to", as RODE explains.

Essentially, you get a professional grade, highly portable directional microphone that's as versatile as a Swiss Army knife and easier to use than your averge mic. The VideoMic GO II runs off plug-in or USB power, meaning no batteries are required to operate. There are no complicated switches or controls; plug it in and the ViodeMic GO II is ready to go!

Like all RODE VideoMics, the VideoMic GO II features a 3.5mm TRS output and is an excellent solution for filmmakers and content creators in need of a compact, easy-to-use microphone for capturing high-quality audio with a camera. It also features a USB-C output for plugging directly into smartphones, tablets and computers, in case you want to use the VideoMic GO II as a USB microphone.


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When used in USB mode, the 3.5mm port functions as a headphone output for zero-latency audio monitoring and playback, essentially turning the VideoMic GO II into a fully-featured USB mic. Talking about versatility!

Weighing 89 grams and measuring just 150mm in length, the VideoMic GO II is heaver yet shorter than its predecessor. Even with the added weight, it's far from being heavy; mount it on a Sony Alpha a7 III – something I'll be doing quite often once I get the microphone – and you won't be able to tell it's there. Unless you look at the top of the camera; the VideoMic GO II is not invisible, after all. It's super light, though.

Despite the small form factor, the VideoMic GO II setup includes a professional-grade shock mount and high-quality windshield and has a rugged all-metal body, meaning you won't have to handle it like a Faberge egg when you're out and about. 

If you're interested in using the VideoMic GO II for podcasting, you'll be happy to hear that it's fully compatible with RODE Connect, RODE’s free podcasting and streaming software.


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This allows up to four VideoMic GO IIs (and other compatible RODE microphones) to be connected to a computer, with complete control over the microphone’s input level, access to the high-pass filter, high-frequency boost and pad, plus studio-grade audio processing, including the legendary APHEX Aural Exciter and Big Bottom effects, and a compressor and noise gate.

Budding journos will be happy to hear that the VideoMic GO II can also be used with the RODE Reporter app for iOS and Android devices. 

RODE's CEO Damien Wilson has this to say about the new tech: “The VideoMic GO II combines the top-tier features with the ultra-lightweight and easy-to-use form factor of the original VideoMic GO to offer a highly versatile yet approachable microphone ideal for a wide variety of creators, from beginners to seasoned professionals. The next generation of compact shotgun microphones has well and truly arrived, and once again, RODE is leading the charge.”

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