Rockstar can take GTA 6 immersion to a higher level with a return of this feature

A gamer has suggested a great way for GTA 6 to be a more immersive role playing game, and I think it is a good idea

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GTA 6 is almost certainly going to be a game-changing leap forward for open-world video games when it releases. However, a gamer has just made a really smart feature request on the GTA 6 community Reddit that, actually, comes from Grand Theft Auto's past not future.

The magic thing is, though, is that if Rockstar did implement this feature then GTA 6 would be a much more immersive experience in my opinion.

That feature? As Reddit user pureNumberrNine puts it, to tie in-game activities to character appearance and abilities more (as GTA games of old did) and, crucially, more specifically.

So, for example, if your GTA 6 character visited the gym a lot you could physically make yourself bigger, while what you ate would effect your weight, becoming fat or thin. Doing various exercises could even improve your character's stamina stats, for example, too.

This idea isn't new and, in terms of body building and diet, Rockstar used it in GTA San Andreas most famously, before dialling it back in subsequent GTA games and other Rockstar series like Red Dead Redemption.

I love this idea, though, and definitely feel that the ability to customise your character at least visually like this more, with effects tied to real-world actions, makes perfect sense for the series. GTA V's three main characters did not have this ability, staying the same (clothing aside) throughout the game.

However, as the gamer on Reddit points out, while GTA V still had a surface level of these systems, with driving a lot improving your driving skill for example, GTA 6 could take this idea to a new level by expanding it into far more activities and have some surface level stats altered, too.

So, for example, if you wanted to make your shooting ability better, or your ability to handle larger weapons more comfortably, then you could do so by going to the shooting range a lot, or actually going on hunting trips in the wild. This latter activity could improve your rifle and sniper rifle handling skills, for example, as well as your stealth ability (as you'd have to stalk your prey while staying out of sight).

The idea that, say, sniper rifle usage is the same as hand gun usage doesn't make sense at all, as they are totally different disciplines, so tying these to different actual usage scenarios in the game could make a lot of sense. It would also help build immersion and aid the role playing the gamer engages in, as it will make the character more personal to their own play style.

What I think we don't want, is more activities that, while fun, are detached from the game and your character. Not only does implementing this mechanic on a deeper level reward the player, giving them an actual reward for undertaking the activity, but also helps them tailor their character and their abilities as they see fit, or how they want to play the game.

What other features should Rockstar implement in GTA 6? Gamers have already created a really cool wish list.

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