Return to the Jedi with not one but two brilliant new LEGO Star Wars sets

LEGO unveils two brilliant Jedi sets featuring Return of the Jedi's most iconic moments

LEGO Star Wars Endor Speeder Chase
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The best LEGO Star Wars sets got a brand new model today in the shape of the new X-Wing Ultimate Collector set – and now there are even more LEGO Star Wars sets to excite and delight you. As part of Star Wars Celebration, LEGO has launched two sets celebrating iconic scenes from Return of the Jedi: the Endor Speeder Chase and the Emperor's Throne room.

Some of the best LEGO sets are very complex – the new X-Wing has 1,949 pieces – but these are slightly less of a commitment: the Endor Speeder Chase has 608 pieces and the Emperor's Throne Room has 807. They may be quicker to build but you'll want to show them off just as much.

LEGO Star Wars Emperor's throne room

(Image credit: LEGO)

Two memorable scenes, two must-have sets

With the Emperor's Throne Room you're getting a very accurate representation of Emperor Palpatine's Throne Room from the rebuilt Death Star, with its instantly recognisable window and the Emperor's inimitable chair. You also get three minifigures – Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader and of course, Emperor Palpatine. Luke and Darth's lightsabers are in hand, but the Emperor is more sneaky: his saber and his bolts of Sith lightning are hidden underneath.

If you prefer your Endors to your indoors (sorry!), the Endor Speeder Chase brings you Luke and his speeder racing through the lush forests of Endor, and the minifugures here are Luke, Leia and a Scout Trooper.

Both sets are highly detailed and include a display plaque containing a memorable quote from the movie. They're available for pre-order now and will go on sale on the 1st of May; the Emperor's Throne Room is €99.99 / $99.99 / £89.99 and the Endor Speeder Chase is €79.99 / $79.99 / £69.99.

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