Razer Huntsman Elite vs Apple Magic Keyboard: which keyboard is the better buy?

We compare the Razer Huntsman Elite and Apple Magic Keyboard to find out which would suit you best

Apple Magic Keyboard vs Razer Huntsman Elite
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Whatever you're doing on your computer, you're going to need a really good keyboard. In 2021, there are a lot to choose from and today we're comparing the Razer Huntsman Elite with Apple Magic Keyboard to find the best keyboard for most people, regardless of what you're doing.

An external keyboard is an absolute essential for anyone using a desktop but that doesn't mean laptop users are excluded. As working from home has become the norm for many, external mice and keyboards have been in high demand for people wanting to build a more desktop-y setup.

After comparing many different models, Razer and Apple stand out as two brands that know what they're doing when it comes to making a really sturdy, well-featured, and reasonably priced keyboard. 

So, no matter whether you're swapping out a keyboard for your desktop or building the perfect WFH office, getting the right keyboard is essential. Let's jump into the comparison of the Razer Huntsman Elite and Apple Magic Keyboard.

Apple Magic Keyboard vs Razer Huntsman Elite

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Razer Huntsman Elite vs Apple Magic Keyboard: features

Luckily for this comparison and for you, the buyer, the Razer Huntsman Elite and Apple Magic Keyboard offer very different things, which should make the decision that much easier. 

For starters, the Huntsman Elite is design with gaming in mind and comes with powerful Optical Switch technology, developer over many years, that gives the mechanical keys a new lease of life thanks to some clever light sensor technology that register even small key presses. 

Apple's Magic Keyboard, on the other hand, is a much more traditional affair, featuring smaller keys with less travel that are nonetheless pleasant to use. One big bonus for Apple's offering is the total lack of wires (outside of charging), which will instantly make your desk feel less cluttered.  

Razer have really pulled out all the stops, cementing the Huntsman Elite as the top-tier keyboard on offer. We absolutely loved the new digital dial, which gives easy access to play/pause, forwards/backwards, and volume controls from above the number pad. These keys are, of course, completely customisable. 

On top of this, Razer has also built in some cool lighting to the Huntsman Elite, with 38 customisable colours on offer; a lovely and comfortable wrist rest; and up to five cloud profiles per keyboard, giving each user their own custom key presets and more.

Overall, the Razer has so many more features than the Magic Keyboard, which is largely to be expected. Apple doesn't claim to be making anything revolutionary with the Magic Keyboard and it's not particularly focused on gaming, which is where the Huntsman Elite shines.

Apple Magic Keyboard vs Razer Huntsman Elite

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Razer Huntsman Elite vs Apple Magic Keyboard: design

The design is perhaps the most striking difference between the two options here. Razer has gone all out, offering a really prominent raised-key aesthetic with custom lights, a big wrist rest, and more. Apple, as is customary, have gone for a much more understated design with flat keys, subtle colours, and overall simplicity. 

Which one you prefer really comes down to your own needs and wants. If your home office is very chic and minimal, Apple's keyboard is probably the better option, whereas Razer's will work better in a more brightly coloured and busy space. 

One of the main deciding factors will almost certainly be which systems you use. Razer's Huntsman Elite is specifically designed for Windows and it takes no guesses whose Apple's is designed for. Your choice could well be guided simply by which OS you prefer. 

A final factor is that Apple's Magic Keyboard is wireless, recharging via Lightning port, while Razer's is firmly wired. 

Apple Magic Keyboard vs Razer Huntsman Elite

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Razer Huntsman Elite vs Apple Magic Keyboard: verdict

By now you've likely got the – correct – sense that these two keyboards offer very different things, which should hopefully make the decision easier. 

From Razer, there's a hugely customisable and vibrant keyboard with really cool mechanical keys that's ideal for gaming. From Apple, a minimal, stripped-back wireless keyboard that's in keeping with the company's aesthetics. 

It's hard to recommend one over the other, but if you like the design – and can stomach have a wire connecting your keyboard and PC – we'd plump for the Razer Huntsman Elite, just because it offers something unique.

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