Quick Hit: These gym clothes are made from recycled coffee

... and plastic bottles

What do you do with the leftover coffee grounds from your morning cup of joe? In the future, you could be wearing them if Sundried have anything to do about it.

Sundried's new range of active wear is made entirely from the waste created when producing coffee. 

The coffee grounds are processed in a low-temperature, high-pressured environment, making them into yarn which is then woven into a natural high-tech fabric. 

The fabric created is especially suited to gym wear, as it dries over 200 times faster than cotton, it's moisture wicking, and naturally anti-bacterial which helps to control odour.

This company also make clothing entirely of recycled plastic bottles, which, admittedly, is getting more and more common now.

You can see some of Sundried's pieces below:

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Not only are there benefits to the actual fabric, the processes are also more environmentally friendly, both reducing waste and producing less emissions during production.

Sundried are passionate about the the environment, and the works who make the clothing, so you're not simply buying a piece of clothing here, you're buying into a new philosophy for the fashion industry.

They've partnered with charities such as The Low Carbon Innovation Fund, Water For Kids, and Surfers Against Sewage. 

Pieces start from £35, you can check them out here.

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