Pure Advance and Pure Advance Flex completely rewrite electric scooter design

Pure Advance
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I've been a fan of Pure's electric scooter range since the very beginning, and have often praised their build quality, waterproof design, and performance in various reviews and T3's best electric scooter buying guide. 

You've always been able to tell that Pure's electric scooters have been designed for use on British (and European) roads, with features that make them more suited to our uneven pavements and inclement weather. This makes them stand out from many of its Chinese rivals.

Now Pure is taking e-scooter design one step further - reinventing the electric scooter from the ground up with safety at its core.

The resulting Pure Advance and Pure Advance Flex enable riders to take a more natural, forward-facing stance, with feet apart. This promises to deliver a more stable and comfortable ride - I for one can't wait to try it out.

Pure Advance

(Image credit: Pure Electric)

Pure Advance and Pure Advance Flex: Design

Let's start by looking at the most obvious change - design. The new Pure Advance and Pure Advance Flex completely reinvent how you use an electric scooter. Instead of a narrow deck where the rider stands slightly twisted, with one foot in front of the other, Pure Advance and Pure Advance Flex feature a central chassis with a footpad on either side. This intuitive approach allows the rider to stand with their feet shoulder-width apart, their weight balanced, facing fully forwards.

I imagine this gives the rider a much more stable base and puts them lower to the ground, which should mean safer riding in general and makes it easier for the rider to look over their shoulder.

Pure Advance

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Electric scooters have always been more portable than bikes, but if you've ever tried to store one on a busy rush hour train, in a narrow hallway, or in a car boot, then you'll know that they can still be quite bulky objects. The Advanced and Advance Flex fix that in two different ways.

The Pure Advance features unique folding handlebars and footpads to make storing it in a hallway or corridor easy. Its slimline extremities make the Pure Advance up to 70-percent slimmer than a traditional scooter. 

For those who want even more flexibility, the Pure Advance Flex folds in five steps, similar to a Brompton bike. Without compromising its performance, the Pure Advance Flex is an ultra-compact solution which fits comfortably in a car boot, public transport racks or a small space at home.

Pure Advance

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Pure Advance and Pure Advance Flex: Safefty

The Pure Advance e-scooter range is fitted with a brand new technology called 'Pure Control' steering which stabilises jittery handlebars often experienced with other e-scooters. 

It's good to see companies like Pure Electric and Bo M looking at these steering issues.

Both Pure Advance models feature dual braking systems - a rear regenerative brake and a robust front drum brake - and large, grippy tyres to offer effective, responsive and low maintenance braking.

Braking is one of my biggest complaints about the Pure Air range, so it's good to see Pure is fixing this.

Pure Advance

(Image credit: Pure Electric)

Pure has also added a safety feature I've been advocating for for a long time - indicators! As well as pulsing indicators on the handlebars, which can be seen from the front, side and rear, Pure Electric has incorporated LED lights into the back of the footpads which flash sequentially when the rider indicates. 

The front light has also had an upgrade - it is four times brighter than the lights used across Pure Electric’s second-generation e-scooter range. In addition, the rear running light doubles as a bright brake light when the rider pulls the brake lever.

Pure Advance and Pure Advance Flex: Performance

In terms of performance, the new Pure Advance models are equipped with a 500W rated motor, with a peak power of 710W.

This should offer strong acceleration and effortless hill climbing - I've never had any issues with the Pure Air Pro 2nd Generation (which has similar power levels).

The Pure Advance is available in 2 models, offering different range options to the rider. The entry-level Pure Advance has a  40km range, while Pure Advance+ can cover up to 50km on a single charge. 

Despite its ultra-compact, folding design, Pure Advance Flex can still has a 40km range.

Just like all Pure Electric models, the Advance models all have an IP65 waterproof rating.

Finally, punctures have traditionally been a source of frustration for e-scooter riders, but tubeless, air-filled tyres have been factored into the design of the Pure Advance to deliver Pure Electric’s most robust, puncture-resistant tyres yet.

Pure Advance

(Image credit: Pure Electric)

Price and availability

In terms of price, these models sit at the top of Pure Electric's range. The Pure Advance (available in black and grey) is priced at £799, while the Pure Advance Plus (available in grey and silver) comes in at £899.

The folding Pure Advance Flex (available in grey and silver) is priced at £1,099.

You can pre-order now directly: www.pureelectric.com/pages/discover-pure-advance

The Pure Advance e-scooters are currently expected to ship in March 2023.

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