Pure Air Pro (2021) review

The 2nd Generation Pure Air Pro arrives with improved range and a more powerful motor, but is it as good as the first version?

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Pure Air Pro (2nd Generation) review
(Image credit: Pure Electric)
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The second-generation Pure Air Pro arrives with a longer range, more streamlined design and a much more powerful engine. It's robust and water-resistant, with big 10-inch tyres. It's not the fastest or lightest e-scooter out there, but if you're looking for a top all-rounder – this is the electric scooter to buy.

Reasons to buy
  • +


  • +

    Large maximum load

  • +

    More powerful motor

  • +

    Robust design

  • +

    Improved range

  • +

    Easy to maintain

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Heavier than rivals

  • -

    Not the sharpest brakes

  • -

    No cruise control

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Those looking for a brand new range-topping electric scooter are in luck because Pure Electric has just launched its second generation of the Pure Air Pro. This new e-scooter arrives with a longer range and more powerful motor compared to the outgoing model and introduces a few, brand new and clever features as well.

We've long been fans of Pure Electric's e-scooter offerings, in fact, it's been at the top of our best electric scooter guide with its first-generation for over a year now. The British brand designs its scooters for the real world and made a splash when it introduced IP65-rated water resistance to its scooters, allowing them to be used in typical British weather conditions (i.e. rain).

The second generation is, of course, also water-resistant, but has been developed with real customer feedback that Pure Electric received on the first generation. The result? We hate spoilers, so you'll have to read on to find out…

Pure Air Pro (2nd Generation) electric scooter review: design

One of the first things you'll notice about the second generation Pure Air Pro is that its received a slight re-design. This original was heavy, brutal and utilitarian, but the second generation has a sleeker and slightly more fluid design. We're big fans.

The Pure Air Pro is currently the only electric scooter from Pure which features a quick folding mechanism. The ‘click-lock’ design allows the scooter to be folded in seconds and has been slightly redesigned to make it less 'stiff'.

As we previously mentioned, Pure has also carried over an IP65 water resistance rating, fully sealing the electronics inside. This means it can be ridden in wet weather, and even submerged for short periods of time (although Pure don't recommend you try that as it will void the warranty).

Pure Air Pro (2nd Gen)

(Image credit: Pure Electric)

Just like the first generation, being designed and created by a British brand, you'll also get superior build quality. It certainly feels like a sturdy, well-built piece of kit. 

It's constructed to safely carry a large 120kg maximum load. That's more than most e-scooters and means it shouldn't have any troubles carrying you and a heavy bag around town. We even tried carrying two adults on it, and, while it's not recommended, it didn't struggle at all.

It features a reinforced chassis and a large, grippy deck that provides great stability.

Of course, this extra engineering (and larger battery) does come at a slight disadvantage, and that's weight. The Pure Air Pro weighs 16.5kg, which is slightly heavier than its rivals, but, interestingly, slightly less than the previous generation.

We think the second generation Pure Air Pro happens to look pretty good, with a sleek design that's available in Black or Grey, and, possibly more colours in the future…

Pure Air Pro (2nd Generation) electric scooter review: performance

Thanks to a new motor, the Pure Air Pro is no slouch when it comes to performance. Power comes from a 500W rear-wheel motor, designed to deliver responsive acceleration and superior hill-climbing ability. We found it picks up speed really well, and didn't feel breathless when it reached full speed or when battling inclines.

Pure Air Pro (2nd Generation) specs

Max Speed: 15.5 mph / 25 km/h
31 miles / 50 km
16.5 kg / 36 lbs
500 W
Water resistance: IP65-rated
10-inch, air-filled  w/puncture prevention fluid
Max Load:
120 kg
Removable battery:
Yes (tools required)
Speed settings:

Of course, legally the top speed is limited to 15 mph, but the extra performance really does help when climbing hills and carrying heavier loads.

The throttle is really easy to control with your thumb, and is very responsive, allowing you to accurately modulate how fast you're going

When it comes to stopping the Air Pro, simply squeeze the anti-lock electronic brake. The single leaver brakes both wheels, making this e-scooter very easy to master – right hand to go, left hand to stop. 

The brakes will put charge back into the battery, but because there's no disk brake, the breaks can feel a little spongy. 

The Pure Air Pro is fitted with 10-inch wheels and air-filled tyres. These are larger than the 8.5-inch tyres found on the Xiaomi M365 and have a number of benefits. For a start, they provide a safer, more comfortable ride, and they're easier to removed and service.

We were really impressed with how the Pure Air Pro performed, it's quick, capable, and comfortable, with a new battery pack that will outlast many of its rivals. It has an estimated range of 31 miles / 50 km.

Pure Air Pro (2nd Generation) electric scooter review: other features

Pure Air (2nd Gen)

(Image credit: Pure Electric)

The handlebar area has also seen a redesign, with the backlit display now nicely integrated into the top of the central upright bar. The display allows you to monitor speed, ride mode, and battery level with a quick glimpse down.

The Pure Air Pro also features integrated front and rear LED lights to help you see where you’re going in low light. These come on automatically by default, as they also help you be seen.

The wide and bright front beam enables you to ride your e-scooter at night with confidence, while the multifunction rear light means that others can see you more easily (this is further enhanced by front, rear and side reflectors).

Just like the original Pure Air Pro, the new generation has been designed to be one of the easiest e-scooters on the market to keep and maintain. Home mechanics should find the larger 10-inch tyres are easy to change and Pure has made sure the tyre valve is easily accessible, making them simple to inflate.

Should a part need replacing, then you won't have to wait for it to be shipped from China, as all parts will be stored in the UK.

Of course, the Pure Air Pro also has an accompanying app that allows you to connect to your e-scooter over Bluetooth. The app will let you track journeys, provide additional ride data and send handy servicing reminders. 

We like that the app is not a necessity, unlike some electric scooter such as the Bird One. You can use it if you want, or you can get the scooter out of the box and start riding straight away without ever setting up the app.

Also new for 2021 is a USB charging port on the handlebar. This enables you to charge your smartphone, portable speaker or lights when out and about. It's a nice thoughtful touch.

Pure Air Pro (2nd Gen)

(Image credit: Pure Electric)

Pure Air Pro (2nd Generation) electric scooter review: verdict

Pure Electric has done it again – the second generation Pure Air Pro is one of the best all-around electric scooters you can buy. Pure has taken its existing market-leading and award-winning electric scooter, taken user feedback and discovered actually useful ways it can be improved.

Thanks to the new 500W motor, performance and range are outstanding and this, combined with the build quality, safety, comfort, and ease-of-maintenance make it one of the best electric scooters you can possibly buy. 

Just like the original Pure Air Pro, the real highlight is, of course, the guaranteed IP65 water resistance, which, if you're planning on using your scooter in all seasons in the UK, is a necessity. 

The Air Pro still isn't perfect, however. The extra engineering involved to make it rugged comes at the cost of extra weight (which is a tradeoff we're willing to make) and the brakes feel quite soft and could be improved.

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