Puma unleashes two new Deviate running shoes to help you train and race harder

The Nitro Elite 3 is Puma's lightest race-day shoe yet

Fiona O'Keeffe running in the Puma Deviate Nitro 3 running shoes in Prototype Colourway
(Image credit: Puma)

Puma is leading the pack in the pursuit of peak performance with the launch of the Deviate Nitro 3 and Nitro Elite 3 running shoe.

Since returning to the weird and wonderful world of the best running shoes, the Herzogeanauch-based sports brand has gathered a solid fanbase thanks to the performance and comfort of its Deviate franchise.

Of the new additions, the Deviate Nitro 3 is meticulously engineered to make every mile your best mile, boasting Puma's cutting-edge NITROFOAM technology for supreme cushioning and responsiveness.

With a carbon fibre PWR Plate for explosive toe-offs, sticky PumaGRIP traction, and lighter-than-ever construction, the Nitro 3 is Puma’s answer to the ultimate daily trainers.

The Deviate Nitro Elite 3 is your race day shoe to rival the likes of the Nike Vaporflys and Adidas Adizeros.

Puma's lightest race-day shoe yet is meticulously designed to push your limits with NITROFOAM Elite for out-of-this-world energy return and a stiff carbon fibre PWR Plate for maximum propulsion.

Romain Girard, Puma's VP of Innovation, declares, "Innovation knows no limits, and neither do our athletes. With Deviate, we're not just breaking records; we're rewriting them."

Get ready to sprint to the stores! The Deviate Nitro Elite 3 prototype colourway, as worn by Puma athletes Fiona O’Keeffe and Dakotah Lindwurm, will be available in limited quantities on 17 June 2024.

The global release of both the Deviate Nitro 3 and Deviate Nitro Elite 3 Fireglow colourway will follow on 1 July 2024. For more information, visit Puma today.

Matt Kollat
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