PS5's Xbox Series X-beating feature is 'just amazing' says God of War director

PS5 games are going to be full of 'surprises' teases God of War's Cory Barlog

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The specs for the upcoming PS5 and Xbox Series X have been out in the wild for some time now, leading to a fierce debate about which piece of hardware is the most powerful - and to what degree that actually matters.

While Microsoft's console is packing more power, because of the strategy the tech giant is adopting to ensure its next-gen games are backwards compatible, so that gamers don't need to upgrade immediately, its hardware advantage is negated somewhat. 

Meanwhile, Sony is nabbing console exclusives left, right, and centre, and coupled with its super fast SSD, it could squash the new Xbox straight out of the gate with it's collection of first-party titles; and God of War director Cory Barlog has once again been singing its praises, highlighting just how much of a game-changer it's going to be.

Barlog appeared as a guest on Garry Whitta's Animal Talking late night talk show - hosted entirely in the basement of his house in the massively popular Nintendo Switch title, Animal Crossing - which made our list of top Switch games to play if you own the console. 

Talking about the God of War series and the next gen hardware, Barlog inevitably touched on the PS5 and its SDD, saying:

"For me, the SSD is just amazing. I'm impatient and I don't like any kind of load times, so we've gone to great lengths in the series - all the way back to the PS2 - of trying to hide any kind of loading. So you never really feel like you're having an artificial layer of the game break you out of it. We let the me menus do that, or the upgrading stuff. There's some really cool stuff that I think we're going to be able to do."  

Barlog waxed lyrical about developers mastering a current-gen console, and then having to restart the process all over again when the next generation of hardware drops, although he added that with the PS5, devs won't necessarily be back at square one thanks to the "tricks" they've learned over the years.

When asked what he's most excited about in relation to the PS5 and Xbox Series X, Barlog answered:

"The surprises. Because I do think they we're going to have a lot of interesting surprises from different studios. Even games that you're like 'oh, well I'm familiar with what they're doing there' - it's going to be a lot of interesting stuff that I think people are going to start trying.

"It might be a couple of years before we start to really see the true magic that I think people are going to be able to accomplish with any of this hardware. It's going to be super exciting."

There are a ton of awesome-looking games already confirmed for the PS5, but Barlog's comments have made us even more excited to see what the next generation of gaming has to offer.     

Source: GamesRadar

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