PS5 restock: the best UK stores to get a PlayStation 5 revealed

Also, which PS5 retailer to best to avoid

PS5 Stock Checker
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It may well be over a year since Sony launched the PlayStation 5 but for some, it's still a nightmare when it comes to purchasing the games machine. One person who knows this more than most is the man behind the UK's biggest PS5 stock tracker.

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That man is Talha Sonmez, a 21-year-old from London who not only runs the 219,000 followers PS5 Stock UK Twitter account but also the Stock Checker website that has helped thousands of game fans to get their hands on the latest tech. If you've ever come across any PS5 restock articles across the web, there's a good chance the intel has come directly from Sonmez, who shares exclusive details with his followers.

Speaking to the Manchester Evening News, it was shared from the restock tracker just which retailer is the best for securing a PS5 console and which retailer is the worst.  

"If I was to rank a top three, I'd say Amazon is the best overall," said Sonmez, citing its offer of standalone consoles over bundles and next-day delivery option. "PS Direct and BT would tie in second place for invite-only drops as they both also have strong servers, and a seamless queue/shopping experience, with both standalone and good bundles, and I'd say Very would be third place."

From T3's experience, both BT and PS Direct have been hugely consistent for PS5 restocks, with the latter giving consumers 10 opportunities throughout November and December 2021 to buy a console. Interestingly, Sonmez noted Currys as one of the worst retailers due to their "VIP invite programme" with some customers having to wait "approximately two months" to receive their delivery. 

So there you have it: Amazon, BT and PS Direct are the best places to secure a PS5 in the UK, while Currys is best avoided. To keep up with the latest PS5 stock drops, make sure to head on over to the official T3 PS5 restock tracker

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