PS5 restock latest: Argos consoles live today, Currys expected shortly

If you want a PS5 then head to Argos right now, or get ready to grab a console at Currys

PS5 restock Argos Currys
(Image credit: Sony | Argos | Currys)

Argos has PS5 Disc and PS5 Digital Edition consoles in stock today, while Currys is expected to follow shortly.

Gamers who want a PS5 should head to Argos' online store right away, or check in at their local store. Console availability is regional, so stock levels will differ at different locations.

Buy PS5 now at Argos

Buy PS5 Digital Edition now at Argos

The Argos PS5 restock went live at 8am today. This drop was confirmed by respected PS5 stock notification account @PS5StockAlertUK, who stated in the early hours of this morning:

"Update: Argos PS5 drop confirmed for 18th November (around 8am) in-store & online."

According to the source of the Argos PS5 stock drop, it is "massive" and that it is "the largest PS5 drop by Argos since launch".

This makes the Argos drop the best place to buy PS5 in the UK today, both online and in-store.

Just remember that, if you try to buy online, Argos' servers will automatically show the system as out of stock if they get overloaded. This does not mean that you've missed the stock drop, though, as the console will then be shown as in-stock when the servers cool down. As such, be sure to try and try again until you get a result during the drop window.

The Currys PS5 restock, meanwhile, is part of the retailer's PS5 VIP draw system, with lucky gamers receiving a code and order date via email through which they can attempt to order a PS5.

The timing on the Currys PS5 restock for T3 was November 20th, however that could be different for different gamers.

Check for PS5 stock now at Currys

Both retailers, though, are expected to be getting consoles both online and in-store, meaning that we're recommending gamers to check out both avenues to buy at both retailers over the next 72 hours.

As reported in T3's PS5 restock tracker, that means that Argos and Currys are the next two retailers to check for PS5 stock after GAME and Amazon went live with, and then sold out of, consoles today.

PS5 restocks have been dropping much more frequently over the past few weeks thanks to Sony flying three jumbo jets full of consoles into the UK in late October. These consoles have been distributed now to UK retailers and we're seeing the results in terms of more frequent stock drops.

For gamers this is great news, as consoles bagged at the next Argos and Currys stock drops will have their system before the winter holiday season, where many gamers will have earmarked time to play the best PS5 games.

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