PS5 boss confirms thrilling graphics feature PlayStation gamers will LOVE

PlayStation chief Jim Ryan has revealed some very good PS5 news

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Back in April PlayStation boss Jim Ryan confirmed the PS5 feature that many loyal PlayStation gamers desperately wanted, that PS4 owners would be allowed to play with PlayStation 5 owners in many cross-generational titles.

This news, along with the reveal that Sony were imbuing the next PlayStation with some seriously impressive backwards compatibility features, helped assuage fears that the vast PlayStation 4 install base was going to be left behind or cut off from playing great PS4 games with their PS5 packing friends.

Ryan did confirm in an interview with CNET, though, that there would be plenty of benefits for gamers in upgrading to the PlayStation 5, including what for many will be an absolutely key graphics feature, that the PS5 will not just offer ultra-high definition 4K visuals, but it will do so at a 120Hz refresh rate not just 60Hz.

In simple terms a higher refresh rate when playing games is desirable as it equates roughly to smoother perceived motion by the gamer, as when you increase the refresh rate (which is measured in Hz) from 60 to 120, then more frames stay on screen for less time. Along with a high frames per second rate (fps), a higher refresh rate makes games more enjoyable to play and enhances immersion.

Now, today the most powerful console Sony makes, the PlayStation 4 Pro, can only output at 60Hz, regardless of whether its user has a TV capable of outputting at 120Hz or not, while Microsoft's Xbox One X flagship, which is the most powerful console in the world, can output at 120Hz.

The PS5 therefore not only getting support for 4K and 8K ultra high resolution gaming, thanks to it packing an advanced 7nm Zen 2 Ryzen CPU and custom Navi GPU, but also the ability to game at 4K and with a 120Hz refresh rate, really helps it fight back against the X and lay down battle lines against the American maker's next-gen flagship Xbox Two console.

While we are unlikely to hear anything else regarding the PS5 at E3 2019, as Sony has confirmed it is not attending this year, chances are high even more details will break about the console sooner rather than later, and especially so if Microsoft use this year's show to break cover on the next Xbox and the wider Xbox Scarlett program.

Via: TechRadar

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