PS5 and Xbox Two to outmatch rival gaming system with MONSTROUS power

Xbox Scarlett and the PlayStation 5 will smoke competitor, says respected game developer

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Microsoft's next Xbox Two console, as well as Sony's recently revealed next PlayStation, unofficially known as the PS5, are set to smoke Google's Stadia gaming system in terms of performance.

Well, that's according to game maker 3D Realms chief Frederik Schreiber, who reportedly confirmed to GamingBolt that the PlayStation 5 and flagship Xbox Scarlett console will exceed Stadia's specs "by far".

When asked about the next generation of consoles, Schreiber is reported as stating that:

"With each generation of platforms, the development environment has come closer to PC standards, which benefits all developers. We expect the next generation of consoles to be easier to develop for, alongside a much needed overall boost in performance.

"The current generation is already fast, but GPU, Memory and CPU technology have come a long way since the current generation of consoles was introduced, which will hopefully give us a lot of new opportunities with the next generation."

GamingBolt reportedly then asked Schreiber what his views were on Google Stadia, and the site reports that "his response was a concise one, saying he doesn’t see Stadia as 'being relevant at this point', and stating that Sony’s and Microsoft’s consoles will exceed Stadia’s specs 'by far'."

And, at least in terms of what we know about the PS5 right now, that makes perfect sense to us here at T3. Google's streaming-only Stadia platform promises to deliver gaming "up to 4K HDR at 60fps" at launch, however, as PlayStation 5 lead system architect Mark Cerny recently confirmed, PS5 will support 8K out-of-the-box.

It's worth noting that Google has confirmed plans to bring 8K gaming at 120fps to its Stadia platform in future. Since all the updates are handled server-side, it's possible for Google to tweak and improve its platform without issuing any new hardware. It's unclear whether PS5 will be able to muster 120fps during its lifecycle.

According to Google, the chip that powers its Stadia will deliver a staggering 10.7 teraflops of power. For comparison, Xbox One X has around 6 teraflops of power and the Sony PS4 has 4.2 teraflops of processing grunt.

The PS5 is also not going to be just a streaming-only console, either, with the system coming loaded with a 7nm Zen 2 micro-architecture AMD Ryzen CPU, custom Radeon Navi GPU, a custom 3D audio chip, and a super-fast SSD capable of loading PS5 games up to or even over 18-times faster than PS4 (hopefully Cyberpunk 2077 will launch on the system; check the gameplay trailer out above).

While we currently have less of an idea of how the next Xbox will come equipped, Xbox bigwig Phil Spencer confirmed last year that, "the same team that delivered unprecedented performance with Xbox One X is deep into architecting the next Xbox consoles, where we will once again deliver on our commitment to set the benchmark for console gaming."

As such, for Xbox Scarlett to "set the benchmark for console gaming" then the next Xbox flagship will need to be a proper pixel-pushing powerhouse of a next-gen console.

If anything, these latest comments about the PS5 and Xbox Two have gotten us here at T3 even more excited about the next generation of consoles, which right now are slated for release next year in 2020. 

And, while Sony is ducking out of E3 this year, indicating that we won't hear anything PlayStation 5 related anytime soon, we're currently holding out hope that Microsoft could come good and deliver a show-winning next Xbox teaser reveal.

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