Pringles' tube-toppers are spuddy good speakers

You won't find crisp-er sound anywhere...

All the Pringle ladies...and gents of course...a pun, sorry fun, new way to enjoy summertime sound has landed on British soil.

Pringles are kicking off a summer promo scheme that looks to fill your moustachio'd tubes with surprisingly crisp (we couldn't resist...) audio.

Snack-wielding audiophiles now have a chance to snag themselves a limited edition LED-flashing speaker when they buy two promo cans of Pringles.

The 'Pringles Party Speakers' work fine on their own, but they're a sight more impressive when you stick them on top of a Pringles can for that added tube-y bass - expect funny looks pretty much everywhere.

They also link to each other so Pringles pals can create a musical daisy chain...of sorts. Perfect for the festival season.

"Pringles is dialling up the fun this summer with its new disco can promotion which is set to be a huge hit with party-goers this festival season," says Pringles.

The speakers run off a standard 3.5mm headphone jack so it's easy-peasy to connect to a smartphone, and the built-in LEDs mean the speaker lights up to the beat of your tunes.

If you're eager to snap up one of these spuddy speakers, head on down to the Pringles website and enter the batch codes from the bottom of your promo tubes. The speakers are free, but you'll have to shell out a £2.69 R.R.P per can and a further £3 for the musical tube-topper's postage fee.

Flavours included in Pringle's festival-friendly promo are Original, Sour Cream & Onion, and Salt & Vinegar, which three speaker colours to match.