Prime Video's sci-fi comedy lands 85% on Rotten Tomatoes ahead of S3 finale this week

Upload deserves all of our love

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There's a lot of good stuff on Amazon Prime Video, but for me the jewel in the crown is Upload. An original series conceived by Greg Daniels (creator of the US Office), it's quite simply the best thing on the platform. The third season began airing on October 20th and finishes this weekend but I'm quite concerned that you (the wider world) haven't been showing it enough love. 

A Rotten Tomatoes score of 85% is nothing to sniff at but the first season got 88% and the second season a perfect 100% with critics. I haven't seen any sign of the magic fading, so the drop in score baffles me. With series 3 set to conclude this weekend, consider the case for why you should watch the entirety of Upload, and guarantee me a series 4 (please). 

Set primarily in an idyllic digital heaven called Lakeview (think The Good Place meets a five-star hotel) Upload follows the (after) life of Nathan Brown, a young coder who had a tragic accident. Despite that premise, it's genuinely the funniest show I've seen in years, and it's not even a pure comedy. The plot is up there with some of the most exciting series out there and all the characters (even the secondary ones) are compelling.  

Season 3 exhibits some of the finest writing that the show has seen yet. With Nathan having downloaded from the afterlife, he's got plenty of business in the real world foiling a plot that will affect millions, meanwhile, an exact clone of himself is dealing with girlfriend trouble in the afterlife. It's safe to say hijinks ensue. There's even a whole episode that skewers Amazon Prime Day, on Amazon's own platform. Brilliant. 

Upload does seem to be proving popular with viewers at least, so perhaps my hopes for further seasons aren't in vain, but please don't give anyone an excuse to deprive me. Top-tier original comedies aren't easy to find these days. Netflix has in fairness also played its part with a brilliant sci-fi comedy movie of its own and Disney+ has a vampire-themed sitcom that's a hoot. 

Andy Sansom
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