Prime members get great free Amazon Music upgrade with more control

Users will be able to access more features than ever before

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When it comes to streaming music, there are a number of platforms vying to take your hard earned cash. Popular options like Spotify and Apple Music make up the bulk of the market, but that certainly doesn't mean they're the only ones on offer.

Thanks in no small part to its inclusion as part of the Amazon Prime offering, Amazon Music is a remarkably popular service. It tends to be the default option for Amazon Echo devices, too, so you might even be using it without realising.

Now, users are getting a host of great free upgrades, which should give them more control than ever over how the service operates. The updates were spotted as part of a communication sent to members, including those within the T3 team.

According to the email, four new features are coming to users. First up, users will be able to create a playlist full of their favourite songs. They'll then have access to unlimited skips and offline listening.

Next, users will now have access to a larger range of All-Access Playlists. These personalised playlists are based on your tastes, and are available on-demand and for offline use.

Then, there's also a new feature called My Mix. That refreshes everyday based on your listening, to supply you with up-to-date content which is tailored to your taste.

Finally, Amazon have also signalled an intention to bring more content to users. Every week, a selection of new release albums will be made available on-demand for a limited window of time. 

It's a decent suite of upgrades for users. It should give them a much greater range of options for listening to the music they love, while also gaining access to new music selected by the team at Amazon.

The new features should be available to access right now. If you're already a user of the service, check it out now – there may be an update required to pull the new features onto your device. And if you're not, check out the widgets below to gain access to the service and all of the features mentioned.

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