Power up your 2022, with the new issue of T3!

Discover our line-up of all the vital tech you need to supercharge your year

Cover of T3 issue 329 featuring the cover line 'Power up your 2022'.
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The new issue of T3 is here, bringing you the most energising tech to help you kickstart your new year.

A bright new year is about to dawn and there are a whole load of futuristic gadgets out there to help you really make the most of it. Whether your goals are to get fit and healthy, nail that big project at work or just maximise your leisure time, we’ve got some unbeatable tech to supercharge your 2022.

But there’s a lot more on offer in the latest issue! Discover what it’s really like to live with Apple’s superfast new MacBook Pro, check out these Wi-Fi speakers that will give you hi-fi-quality sound without the hassle and take these cutting edge e-vehicles for a spin.

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What’s inside the latest T3?

In the latest issue of T3, you’ll find:

  • Get fit in any space – tailor your exercise to your available room with these smart gym gadgets
  • MacBook Pro tested – surreally fast and with searingly bright screens, Apple’s new laptops might be the best you can buy
  • Mid-range wireless speakers – enjoy audiophile-quality sound without the hassle
  • Next-gen e-vehicles – from SUVs to campervans, these machines are ripping up all the rules
  • DJI Mavic 3 tested – this 5.1K drone makes flying, shooting and avoiding obstacles effortless
  • Work-boosting tech – smash your professional goals with essential office upgrades
  • B&O Beoplay Portal rated – with 3D audio and cracking noise cancelling, this is a next-level gaming headset
  • A smarter ski coach – become a sovereign of the slopes with this digital ski instructor

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Get T3 magazine for under £3/$3 per issue – the perfect gift!
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Get T3 magazine for under £3/$3 per issue – the perfect gift!
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