PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds will make its console debut on Xbox One X in 2017

It'll be a 'launch exclusive' for Xbox One X and Xbox One (so expect a PS4 version to follow)

Unless you've been living under a rock (one presumably without Wi-Fi or Twitch), you'll know PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds has become a gigantic sleeper hit on PC. The large-scale arena shooter pits up to 99 players against one another in a deserted island that shrinks in size as a match progresses.

For a game that started out as an Arma III mod, PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds is a huge deal right now - Rocket League big - and its developer Bluehole Studios has signed a deal to have the multiplayer shooter make its console debut exclusively on Xbox One and Xbox One X.

Interestingly, Bluehole and Microsoft are calling the Xbox One and Xbox One X versions of the game 'console launch exclusives' which seems to suggest this is a timed exclusivity deal. Microsoft made a big deal of pointing out which games were exclusive, so this caveat wording alludes to a potential PS4 release further down the line.

There's no fixed date on when PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds will officially drop on Xbox One and Xbox One X, but Bluehole is citing a late 2017 release window. In the meantime, head on over to Twitch where the game remains one of the most streamed games of 2017.