Plattan 2 Bluetooth is here to deliver cable-free audio and Scandinavian chic

Swedish sound maestro Urbanears evolve its premium Plattan 2 headphone "beyond the cord"

Urbanears has unveiled its Plattan 2 Bluetooth headphone, which takes its best-selling pair of cans and "cuts ties with the cord entirely".

Headlining the Plattan 2 Bluetooth's specs is its 30+ hours of wireless playtime, which is a marked jump up over the industry standard of 20-25, while the headphone also boasts an ultra-competitive 10-meter listening range.

In what will be pleasing news to all Apple iPhone users, the Plattan 2 Bluetooth is also fully compatible with Siri.

The on-ear headphones have been designed to offer "crisp, full spectrum" sound and, thanks to the inclusion of a compact control knob on the bottom of the left cup, easy to navigate, with track skipping, volume, and call pick ups possible. A built-in mic, adjustable ergonomic fit, and collapsible design are also worked in, while the Plattan 2 Bluetooth are also available in five colourways: black, dark grey, indigo, tomato, and true white.

T3 is currently in Stockholm checking out the Plattan 2 Bluetooth close up, with Urbanears' tie-in "evolution beyond the cord" campaign notable for its presentation of five architectural pieces of wearable art made from 4,500 meters of speaker cord (see lead image for an example).

Speaking on campaign, Urbanears spokesperson Ida Homen said that:

"Human-centered design and functionality have always been integral parts of the Urbanears brand, and the cord is a good example of that. When we wrapped the cord in fabric, it was transformed beyond its standard function into something that added value to the overall look, feel, and experience. To mark Plattan 2 Bluetooth’s evolution beyond the cord, we wanted to pay tribute to this piece of Plattan’s legacy in a fitting way.”

The Plattan 2 Bluetooth headphone is available now for a price of £79. For more information about the Plattan 2 Bluetooth check out Urbanears' official website.

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