Philips TV deal cuts £270 off this top 55-inch 4K display at

Upgrade your TV setup with 41% off the Philips 55” Smart 4K TV at

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The cost of living has really hiked up the price of many everyday essentials, including petrol, rent and energy bills. While a new TV might not be on your mind right now, some of the best TV deals (opens in new tab) are seeing big brands and even bigger screens cut down to their lowest ever prices.

If you’re looking to upgrade your TV, many top retailers are cutting their prices on their most popular models, like Philips. At, you can get the Philips 55PUS7506 55” Smart 4K Ultra HD TV at just £379, saving you £270 on a premium 55-inch 4K display.

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Philips is well known for its range of smart, Ambilight and OLED TVs. It’s been championed at offering some of the best 55” TVs (opens in new tab) across all budgets and needs, so the Philips 55PUS7506 55” TV is definitely one to consider.

The Philips 55PUS7506 55” TV offers detailed and realistic colours, smart features and Dolby sound. This price cut from offers a great low price for a 4K TV and for a 55-inch screen size.

To view the Philips 55PUS7506 55” TV deal at, click the link above or keep reading for more details.

Philips 55PUS7506 55” Smart 4K Ultra HD TV: was £649, now £379 at (opens in new tab)
If you’re looking to upgrade your TV, this discounted price on the Philips 55PUS7506 55” TV is definitely something to take advantage of. With a 4K 55-inch screen and HDR technology, this TV offers detailed viewing, great sound from Dolby and even has a special gaming mode.

Why you should buy the Philips 55PUS7506 55” TV

While Philips can be eclipsed by higher-end brands like Samsung, Sony and Hisense, Philips TVs are top quality devices that focus strongly on creating the best value viewing and sound packages on the market. Philips TVs do exactly what they say and look good doing it, plus with a generous price cut like this one, they should definitely be considered if you’re looking for a cheap 4K TV.

The Philips 55PUS7506 55” TV is all about the screen with impressive 4K resolution and Dolby Vision HDR. These technologies give focused detail, colours and picture quality so you feel immersed in what you’re watching. Another attractive feature of the Philips 55PUS7506 55” TV is its special gaming mode that makes fast-paced action look and feel smooth while you’re playing.

By connecting the Philips 55PUS7506 55” TV with Google Assistant, you can easily control your TV with your voice for easy streaming and searching. The Philips 55PUS7506 55” TV is also a smart TV which allows you to use all your smart apps in one place.

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