Philips Prestige Series 9000 is the best electric shaver a man can get

Two years on from release there's still nothing to touch it, and that's why it wins the T3 Award for Best shaver sponsored by our pals at AEG

T3 Awards 2019: Best electric shaver: Philips Series 9000 Prestige

A bit of male grooming deja-vu at the 2019 T3 Awards now, because this year's Best electric shaver is also last year's winner. None of the other big players in the shaver space have come up with anything to top the Philips Series 9000 Prestige in the intervening months. Although Gillette's experimental heated razor is very good –  but that's more of a blade shave with tech bells on.

The more standard version of the Philips Series 9000 is really a fantastic way to remove your whiskers, but the Prestige version adds even better shaving, with a thick veneer of additional slickness. There's a nifty wireless charging pad, and everything has aesthetically been moved up a gear.

As good as Braun's equivalent electric razor – the 9 Series – is, Philips' flagship shaves better, looks better, and is kinder to sensitive skin. The whirring discs that hide the blades on the Series 9000 move over your face almost as if nothing is happening. 

Sure, it's expensive, but if you shave every day, it's something that will make you feel better every single day. That's worth paying for. And if you only shave every 3-4 days, it'll make that less of a chore, and look nice in your bathroom while it's waiting to be used. 

And hey – it'll probably turn up on Amazon Prime Day at a price much lower than the one below. All you have to do is wait…

Duncan Bell

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