Peloton Black Friday Sale – Save even more when buying a Bike, Tread or Guide


Peloton launches Black Friday sale
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UPDATE: Peloton DOUBLED the discount on accessories on all packages in all three countries – you can save up to $600/£500/AU$800 right now. Don't miss out on this offer!

Want to buy a new Peloton bike or Tread and save hundreds in the process? Check out the fitness manufacturer's "Our Gift to You" sale, which runs from 14-28 November and offers significant discounts on accessories when you buy a Peloton machine. You might want to know which machines and how much? Excellent question, dear Watson! Visit Peloton US, Peloton UK or Peloton AU for more details.

  • Get up to $600/£500/AU$800 off accessories with the purchase of a Peloton Bike, Bike+ or Tread
  • Get up to $300/£250/AU$400 off accessories with the purchase of a Peloton Guide

Okay, we agree; not saving on the asking price of the machine sucks. However, most Peloton machines' current RRP/MSRP is cheaper than they used to be, so technically, you are saving money but getting them now. Admittedly, buying a Peloton Tread or a Peloton Bike+ for half price might be even better, but what can you do?

Saving this much money on accessories isn't a terrible deal, and better still, it's not just the most expensive bundle that's on offer, but the cheaper one, too, if you can call any Peloton Bundle cheap. For example, the Peloton Bike Premier bundle is now £1,345 (down from £1,595). It includes the Bike, a pair of Peloton Cycling Shoes, a couple of light weights, a bike mat, a reversible exercise mat, a water bottle, home delivery and the warranty. Sweet!

Regarding the below deals, please note the free accessories bundle is only available to those who buy the machines directly from Peloton. Please, bear this in mind. Still not convinced you need a Peloton? Check out the best Peloton alternatives, and also the best exercise bikes and the best treadmills

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