Your Peloton is getting a great free upgrade to make workouts more social

Update coming for Peloton Bike, Bike+, Tread, Row and app users

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Quick Summary

The Peloton platform will soon make it easier to find friends to workout with, by listing users' real names in search results.

Users can opt out, but the new feature will be switched on by default "next week".

Peloton may be going through a few changes behind the scenes, but the experience continues to be as innovative and engaging as ever. The team are even rolling out a new feature to make connecting with friends easier.

As of next week (starting Monday 13 May 2024), the Peloton App and devices will introduce a new way to find friends so you can share your activities and ride, run, row or workout together.

As a regular Peloton Bike user, I was sent an email by the Peloton team detailing some of the changes:

"Starting next week, you’ll be able to search by name and sync your contacts on the Peloton App to find others more easily," it states.

"Names will now be viewable across Peloton, review your name today to decide how you will appear. Staying connected means you'll be able to see your followers' latest activity, send high fives on completed workouts and more!"

It effectively means that your full name will soon be discoverable across the Peloton platform. It'll be available by default and shown with your existing username.

However, you will also be able to hide your profile from searches, even remove your name entirely from within your profile. Peloton details the steps you need to take on its support pages, if you prefer that option.

As well as via the app, Bike, Tread and Row, you will also be able to find friends over the web, through the Peloton members site. There is a "Find Members" section in menu at the top-right corner of the page. You can then "FOLLOW" any you discover.

Peloton also recently expanded its app to work with additional third-party, Bluetooth-connected fitness equipment, including rowing machines and treadmills. It doesn't support other exercise bikes at present, though.

New games and other features are also in the pipeline, according to a few leaks and reports.

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