Peloton app gets a free upgrade that's great even if you don't own a Peloton

Use the app with third-party devices

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Quick Summary

Peloton has added third-party rowing machine support to its mobile app, enabling a wider range of people to enjoy its classes.

This follows existing support for treadmills from other manufacturers.

As previously promised, Peloton has added additional third-party device support to its smartphone and tablet app.

Having already enabled the use of the app with treadmills from other manufacturers, the smart fitness firm has now included Bluetooth connected rowing machines to its list of compatible kit.

Only exercise bikes remain omitted from the list as Peloton continues to make good on its promise to expand the app and service's reach.

The rowing machine connectivity was spotted on a Peloton support page by Pelo Buddy. It claims that the feature was expanded in a recent app update, which you should already have. If not, check the app updates section of your respective app store.

As with treadmills, rowing machines from other makers need to come with Bluetooth FTMS support in order to connect with the Peloton App. You also need to be a Pelton App+ or All-Access member to use it.

When connected, your rower will work in similar fashion to Peloton's own – you'll be able to capture and store stroke rate, strokes, pace and distance. These will be assigned to your profile during or after a workout.

It's each to connect your device to the Peloton App, just open the app and begin a Tread or Row class, select "Connect a Bluetooth Device", and select your third-party treadmill or rower from the list that pops up. You'll get a green checkmark if successful.

Milestone reminders

Also recently added to the Peloton mobile app are milestone reminders.

Peloton Bike, Tread and Row owners will already be familiar with them, as they have already been available through the built-in tablet on each, but they are new to the app.

They are designed to motivate you during workouts, with notifications alerting you to any upcoming milestones. These could be streaks or number of active days. Alternatively, it could be goals set by the user.

I personally like seeing what milestones are approaching (when on the Bike) so I can ensure I am in one of my favourite class types when I reach it.

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