Paramount Plus is the best streaming service for saving money. Here's why

I cancelled all of my streaming services for Paramount+ and with how much money I've saved, I won't be going back

Paramount Plus
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The cost of living is increasing all across the country. Grocery prices are going up month after month, gas prices are sky rocketing almost daily, and just about everything else I need is now more expensive than ever. It was time to figure out how I could stretch my budget even further.

I realized my streaming subscriptions were adding up to a hefty $40 a month, money that could probably be better spent elsewhere. So I decided to cancel all of my subscriptions and make one of the cheapest streaming service out there –  Paramount+ – my only option.

It was the best decision I've made in a long time.

Like many, I enjoy a good movie every now and then but I wasn't using the other subscriptions nearly enough. To be honest, newer shows and movies haven't really grabbed my attention and the exclusive content some of the more expensive services have just don't do a good enough job convincing me to stick around.

Cutting down to just one streaming service alone was enough to loosen the grip on my bank account, but Paramount+ made it even better. As the cheapest streaming service available, it dropped my monthly streaming bill down to just $5/month. A price tag I feel much better about paying each month.

While it has some pretty great exclusive shows to check out, like Star Trek: Picard and Halo, there's a huge amount of content to access. Everything from live sports to prime time shows are available, with channels including Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, and MTV just to name a few.  

Plus, some of the best streaming services are looking at price hikes for their subscriptions in the near future. Heck, Netflix is even looking into ways to charge people for account sharing – a policy I find completely ridiculous but alas, is going to happen anyway. Something Paramount+ has no plans of doing anytime soon – at least at this time.

So as a professional deal hunter and budgeting expert, I strongly suggest that if you're looking for ways to cut your monthly streaming service bills down that you give Paramount+ a try. Yes, the cheapest plan has ads but for how cheap the basic plan is, I can't really see this a reason to not give the streaming service a shot.

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