Panasonic 4K TV price crash! Save over £300 in this fantastic 50-inch TV deal

The Panasonic GX800 is an intensely cinematic 4K TV, with full HDR support, and now it's incredibly cheap

Panasonic GX800 4K TV deal
(Image credit: Panasonic)

This is a 4K TV deal to get excited about for film lovers: Panasonic's GX800 is the most cinematically satisfying 50-inch TV you can get for under £600 – that's over £300 down from its original price!

• See the Panasonic TX-50GX800 for £574 (save £325) at Amazon UK

The GX800 range has been a stalwart of our list of the best TVs under £1000 (and even our list of the best TVs overall) thanks to its highly capable processing and incredibly authentic cinematic pictures – Panasonic is very careful about tuning its TVs to be as close to Hollywood mastering screens as possible, so you're seeing what the directors want you to see.

The only reason it's not in those lists any more is that the newer model from 2020, the Panasonic HX800, has replaced it. The GX800 is 2019's model, hence the big discount, but the difference in image quality between years isn't that large – the main difference is that the newer model has slightly better upscaling and motion handling, but for the new lower price, the older GX800 is still superb value for money.

It also supports both kinds of advanced HDR – Dolby Vision and HDR10+ – which helps to make the most of that cinematic screen. There are TVs that cost thousands that don't include both of these formats, so it's a major bonus here – it means you get the best possible picture quality from Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video and Blu-rays.

It's a very capable smart TV too, with all the main streaming services ready to go.

Panasonic TX-50HX800 50-inch 4K TV | Save £325 | Now £574 at Amazon UK
This is the perfect TV for film-lovers who don't have blockbuster budgets. 50 inches is a nice big size, Panasonic's excellent processing really makes the most of the 4K resolution, and the rich cinematic HDR images are second to none at this price. View Deal

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