Oura smart ring debuts in John Lewis stores across the UK

The in-store experience includes several features designed to enhance customer convenience, the brand says

Oura ring sizer kit
(Image credit: Oura)

After a successful rollout in Target stores in the US, Finnish health tech company Oura has announced its first UK retail partnership with John Lewis.

Starting today, the highly sought-after Oura Ring Gen 3 is available online and will soon be found in all 34 John Lewis department stores nationwide.

Oura's trailblazer smart ring provides personalised health data, insights, and daily guidance. Despite lacking a physical presence in the UK until now, the brand has seen remarkable organic growth in the region.

A sophisticated health wearable, the Oura Smart Ring is designed to provide users with detailed health insights. It continuously monitors heart rate throughout the day and during workouts, offering real-time data and post-activity insights. 

The Oura Ring excels as a sleep tracker. It uses advanced algorithms to provide accurate sleep stage tracking and overall sleep quality assessment. The ring's blood oxygen sensing feature measures blood oxygen levels during sleep, offering an extra layer of insight into sleep health.

From 28 May, John Lewis will stock the full range of Oura Ring colours and styles in select sizes (the complete assortment will be available online).

UK shoppers can size themselves in person using the Oura Ring Sizing Kit, available at all 34 stores. Free in-store sizers will also be provided at the Oura Ring display. You can also purchase and take home their Oura Ring the same day from any John Lewis store.

This launch coincides with the introduction of two new heart health features from Oura: Cardiovascular Age and Cardio Capacity.

Developed in collaboration with board-certified cardiologists and researchers, these features provide insights into arterial stiffness and VO2 max, offering a comprehensive view of cardiovascular health and its long-term implications.

For more information and to shop the Oura Ring, visit John Lewis now.

Matt Kollat
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