OnePlus users in line for iPhone-style upgrade

OxygenOS 14 upgrade looks pretty... dynamic

OnePlus 11 review: phone screen open on grey cushion
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OxygenOS 14 is set to bring a host of upgrades for OnePlus users to appreciate, and while it's based on Android 14, it includes one feature that will look very familiar to iPhone owners. 

Dubbed the 'Fluid Cloud' those who have tried the iPhone's Dynamic Island will feel right at home. This popup at the top of the screen is designed to put essential information together in a less intrusive way and will display any up-to-date status information like the weather and alarms. 

Unlike the Dynamic Island, however, this is a software feature not part of the device's hardware. As a result, not only is it coming to all compatible OnePlus phones, but it is also set to appear on the company's tablets and smartwatches. 

With the iPhone 15 bringing the Dynamic Island to every model of Apple's phone, maybe we will see it on the iPad soon.

Dynamic Island on iPhone 14 Pro

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It's not going to be to everyone's tastes but Interestingly for those who aren't a fan of a cutout display, the fact that Fluid Cloud is software-based should make it easy to disable, unlike Dynamic Island.  

It's not quite yet clear what exact functionality will come with Fluid Cloud on OxygenOS 14 but think of it like an extra-convenient widget that follows you beyond the home screen, or a one-stop shop for your latest updates.

OnePlus' newest software update will also bring a number of performance boosts to eligible devices with improved optimisation providing an estimated 20 minutes of battery life. OnePlus' RAM Vitalization technology and the ability for any OnePlus phone with 16GB of RAM  (like the OnePlus 11) to have up to 40 apps active at once, and keep them open for 72 hours. OnePlus has also introduced ROM Vitalization technology which will help keep your phone's performance from for years to come. 

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