OnePlus Open foldable phone confirmed, will also be released under Oppo brand

OnePlus and Oppo are sharing foldable phone design for their next flagships

OnePlus Open leak
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After a leaked video showed what seems to be OnePlus' first foldable phone out in the "open", OnePlus itself has confirmed that it is indeed soon to launch the device. And that it's name isn't the OnePlus V Fold, as previously thought, but the OnePlus Open.

The company's CEO Pete Lau has also revealed that sister-brand Oppo will also release the exact same phone. It seems as if they will be released in different regions.

We expect the OnePlus version to release in the UK and Europe, for example, with Oppo reducing its activities in the area in recent times.

As for the OnePlus Open name, it's actually been heard before, with reports in early summer suggesting that could be a contender. Now we know for sure.

Whichever banner, the phone will come with an advanced hinge design, OnePlus reveals. The company holds 35 patents just for the hinge alone, which uses 31 fewer components than the Oppo Find N2. It is also smaller, with the manufacturer claiming a 37% reduction in size to make the device fold more tightly.

It also "enhances functionality", it states.

We haven't seen the actual phone yet, just some of the above details, but a leaked video emerged a couple of days ago that allegedly shows the foldable in the hands of Indian filmstar Anushka Sharma.

It has a circular camera unit on the rear that matches previously leaked renders, and is similar to the module on the back of the OnePlus 11. We can't see for sure in that particular video, but it is likely a Hasselblad camera.

It's debut in the wild, so to speak, suggests we won't have too long to wait to see the device unveiled fully. Lau's comments too.

Previous speculation claimed that it would be launched at an event on 29 August, but that clearly didn't happen. We wouldn't be surprised if OnePlus announced a dedicated event for it in the next couple of weeks: "OnePlus will launch its first ever foldable smartphone in select overseas markets soon," it said in its release.

We'll update when we have more details.

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