OnePlus Nord latest OxygenOS Beta adds Bitmoji support and Ambient Display update

Newly added Bitmoji AOD, co-designed with Snapchat

OnePlus Nord
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OnePlus Nord users who are signed up to the company’s open beta program are being encouraged to keep an eye on their devices because a new update is inbound. OxygenOS for OnePlus Nord isn’t the most groundbreaking of updates in terms of what it delivers, but it’s got a few nifty tricks up its sleeve.

Besides the August security patch bundled in with the latest OxygenOS beta, the update delivers some clever screen-related features, as well as Bitmoji-like avatars popularized by the likes of Snapchat.

Courtesy of the newly added Bitmoji compatibility that comes by way of Snapchat’s proprietary tech, the update lets your screen's display avatar continually refresh throughout the day, adapting to users’ activity and what’s happening nearby to them. 

Using the Bitmoji feature is simple: head to Settings, then click Customization, and finally on Clock ambient display and enable the feature. Your screen's Bitmoji should then change and animate as the day rolls onwards. 

Android Police notes users can now also take screenshots of the ambient display mode, which was a feature not previously available. Fuller details concerning the ambient display are outlined on the official OxygenOS Open Beta 6 webpage.

The latest open beta build for the OnePlus Nord can be downloaded from the link at the bottom of the OnePlus forum page. Despite the features listed above, it's worth keeping in mind that this is still beta software and, as such, may be less stable than stable builds. We'd advise making a backup before grabbing the download link.

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