OLED 4K TV deal! Save up to £700 on Panasonic sets at Currys – why wait for Boxing Day deals?

Save big on these 55-inch and 65-inch OLED TVs with Currys' latest reductions

Panasonic OLED deal
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If you're still planning on attempting to fit an OLED TV under your Christmas tree, you'll need to beat the Boxing Day deals – and these Panasonic OLED TV deals from Currys might just be the ones to push you over the high-resolution edge. Just don't blame us when the elves complain about the stairs to your flat. 

First off, the Panasonic 55-inch HZ980 OLED has been reduced from £1,699 to £1,149 at Currys, saving you a keen £550. If you want to go a little bigger, then the Panasonic 65 inch HZ980 OLED has gone from £2,399 all the way down to £1,699. Again, we never say no to £700 of discount. 

Panasonic's OLED range delivers exceptional picture quality and great colours. So much so that the Panasonic HZ2000 is sitting at the very top of our list of the best OLED TVs. While this is one of the more entry-level models in the range, the HZ980 shares the same HCX Pro Intelligent Processor to make sure that it's not just ultra HD imagery that can make the most of this 4K screen. Upscaled content looks great here too.

• Panasonic TX-55HZ980B TV | Was £1699 | Now £1149 | Save £550 at Currys
• Panasonic TX-65HZ980B TV | Was £2399 | Now £1699 | Save £700 at Currys

Unfortunately this isn't one to go for if you've just invested in a new-gen console. There are no HDMI 2.1 ports on the HZ980, meaning there's no way to make the most of the PS5 and Xbox Series X's abilities to output 4K at 120fps. There is Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) but no Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) so if you want to make sure you can fully enjoy your new console, you'll want to check out our best gaming TVs.  

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But if you're just looking to the make the most of 4K movies and TVs, the HZ980 delivers in spades with both Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos as standard. You can also turn on Dolby Vision IQ so the TV will automatically adapt the picture based on the the brightness of your room, so it always stays at its most visible. 

The HZ980 also comes with the excellent Filmmaker Mode found in its high-end OLED TVs where you'll be able to see the colour, contrast and aspect ratio just as the director intended. If you're a movie fan and want to see how the final masters should truly look, this is a brilliant feature. And even better with a saving of £700. 

Panasonic HZ980 OLED 4K 55-inch TV | Was £1699 | Now £1149 | Save £550 at Currys

Panasonic HZ980 OLED 4K 55-inch TV | Was £1699 | Now £1149 | Save £550 at Currys
It's not one for new gen console owners but for everyone else, the HZ980 is an exceptional 55-inch OLED screen. Enjoying Panasonic's brilliant processor, Dolby Vision IQ and excellent Filmmaker mode, this is an impressive OLED that's even better at this alluring price point. 

Panasonic HZ980 OLED 4K 65-inch TV | Was £2399 | Now £1699 | Save £700 at Currys

Panasonic HZ980 OLED 4K 65-inch TV | Was £2399 | Now £1699 | Save £700 at Currys
There's no better way to make the most of Panasonic's impressive HCX Pro Intelligent Processor than with a 65-inch screen to admire all that 4K content. With excellent upscaling as well as the standard Panasonic suite of features, this is a ridiculously good deal on a very solid performer from 2020

And there's no shortage of tech deals for 2020. Christmas is almost here and T3's elves are here to help. Prep with our best Christmas gifts to make sure you always get the best prices and we've even got the Best Boxing Day deals for after the big day. 

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