Official new PSVR 2 video shows PS5 gamers an elite VR headset upgrade

A new PSVR 2 trailer suddenly makes the VR headset look even more appealing

Sony PlayStation VR 2 gaming VR headset PSVR 2 on blue background
(Image credit: Sony PlayStation)

Great news for PS5 gamers eagerly awaiting the release of the PSVR 2 comes officially from Sony itself, who has just unleashed a brand new PlayStation VR 2 video trailer.

The trailer, which debuted on PlayStation's official YouTube channel, runs for two whole minutes, too, showing off the headset, its key features, as well as footage from exciting new PSVR 2 games.

And, simply put, for PlayStation 5 gamers the video is a great big ball of tasty hype, with the trailer confirming the PSVR 2 comes loaded with a 4K HDR display, eye-tracking technology that detects and follows where the gamer is looking, foveated rendering which allows in-game focusing on vivid details, a wide 110-degree field of view for deep visual immersion, controllers with built-in finger touch detection for tactile interaction, Tempest 3D Audio technology for the creation of realistic soundscapes, headset and haptic feedback for sensor immersion, and adaptive controller triggers.

Simply put, it's a mind-blowing specs shout-out for a system that not only is sure to get PS5 gamers' pulses racing but also lodge itself firmly on release into T3's best VR headset buying guide.

The T3 take: A major next-gen weapon for PlayStation

Based on everything I've seen and read here at about the PSVR 2, as a PS5 gamer I can't help but get very excited.

When I wrote T3's original PlayStation VR review, I wrote that it was a dump-truck load of fun but couldn't match other systems on the market for technical capabilities or, overall, immersion.

But PSVR 2 looks like a completely different beast, with top-shelf VR tech and features on offer. If Sony can partner this great hardware with a great library of VR games and immersive experiences, I'm going to be spending an unhealthy amount of time in virtual worlds.

What this trailer also hammers home to me is that PSVR 2 really does have the potential to be a key weapon in this current-gen console war against Microsoft's Xbox Series X and Series S. The American hardware giant has no VR option for its gamers and, I just don't believe for one second that Xbox gamers aren't interested in VR gaming, and won't look on jealously when PSVR 2 is released.

For me, if I was offered a choice between buying into a console ecosystem with VR gaming capabilities and one without them, there's only one way my money is going to go, and that's for the platform that offers me a way to game in VR.

Roll on the PSVR 2 launch, then. T3 will naturally be reviewing the VR headset at launch, revealed by Sony itself to be coming in "early 2023", so be sure to check back in then for the full PlayStation VR 2 picture.

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