O2's cheap SIM only deals with Disney Plus UK for FREE are so good you'll pinch yourself

Disney Plus UK for free for six months, along with a data-stuffed new SIM only deal from O2

Disney Plus UK O2 SIM only deal
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We love great SIM only deals here at T3, and we also absolutely love the hot new streaming service that everyone is currently talking about, Disney Plus UK.

Which is why this incredible selection of SIMO deals from O2 well and truly caught our attention, as each one comes with a totally free 6-month subscription to Disney+ in the UK.

There are five SIM plans to choose from that bag you the Disney+ access, and prices start from as low as £12 per month. There are unlimited everything plans, huge data plans and fantastically priced sweet spot plans, too.

That Disney+ subscription bags unlimited, full access to one of the absolute best content streaming services ever launched, with its catalogue of content including the complete works of Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar and National Geographic.

Disney+ UK has over 500 movies and more than 7,500 TV show episodes ready to watch right now, including all the classic The Simpsons episodes, which is something T3 has been binging on since launch.

So the fact that it can be picked up for free right now for six months at the same time as landing a quality SIM plan upgrade, really isn't a deal to be missed. The full details of the available O2 SIM only deals with Disney+ bundled in for free can be viewed below:

O2 SIM | 100GB data | Unlimited mins & texts | Free Disney+ | £20 p/m | Available now
T3's top pick of the O2 offers is this data-stuffed SIM plan that bags its owner 100GB of data to burn each month, as well as unlimited minutes and texts.

O2 SIM | 20GB data | Unlimited mins & texts | Free Disney+ | £15 p/m | Available now
If you feel 100GB of data is too much, then this 20GB of data per month SIM plan is a smart bet. It cuts £5 off the monthly bill, too, while delivering the same unlimited mins and texts.

O2 SIM | 2GB data | Unlimited mins & texts | Free Disney+ | £12 p/m | Available now
For those shopping on a very tight budget, this cheap SIM only deal allows you to bag the 6-month free Disney+ subscription for just £12 per month. 2GB data and unlimited mins and texts.

O2 SIM | 4GB data | Unlimited mins & texts | Free Disney+ | £14 p/m | Available now
For a small step up in terms of data allowance, this £14 per month deal is on offer. To be honest, though, for an extra £1 you can get 16GB more data each month from the £15 p/m deal above.

O2 SIM | Unlimited data, mins & texts | Free Disney+ | £35 p/m | Available now
Finally, O2 offer an unlimited everything deal for £35 per month along with the free Disney+ sub. For heavy users this is attractive, but we'd still recommend the £20 per month deal for most of them.

For even more great SIMO offers be sure to check out the SIM only deals chart below, which shows today's very best prices from all the UK's best networks. In addition, for those who don't fancy a SIM only deal upgrade but do like the sounds of a Disney+, then be sure to check out its 7-day free trial, which will give you a great taste of its awesomeness.

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