Get up to 45% off some of the best non-stick saucepans this Amazon Prime Day

Circulon for upmarket, Tefal for everyday. They’re cast iron bargains (though the pans are steel)

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Today is Amazon Prime Day, one of the best days of the year to grab yourself some deals on homeware, including saucepans and KitchenAid stand mixers. Whether you're moving home, finally replacing the set that you've had since university or simply fancy upgrading, we've shortlisted the best non-stick saucepan deals on Amazon right now.

Amazon Prime Day Circulon Premier Pro Hard Anodised Cookware set deal

This Circulon Premier Pro Hard Anodised Cookware set is on offer this Amazon Prime Day

Circulon is one of the best brands of non-stick pans that you can buy, and this five-piece set certainly gets top marks. The pans look great, and are incredibly durable. They will last you a long time even if you clean them in the dishwasher, which you can do, although we'd always recommend hand washing to maximise the longevity of your pans. 

Circulon Premier Professional Hard Anodised Cookware Set | £98.99 was £123.76 | Save 20%  

This five piece set from Circulon's Premier range includes a 14 cm milk pan, 16 cm and 18 cm glass-lidded saucepans, 20 cm glass-lidded sauce pot and a 20 cm frying pan. 

It's on offer for £98.99, which is a decent 20% saving.

The pans are completely non-stick and dishwasher safe, and the hard anodised material heats quickly whilst spreading heat evenly. The pan's bases are steel so they can be used on induction hobs, as well as all other hob types.View Deal

Amazon Prime Day Tefal Premium Non-stick Cookware set deal

This Tefal Premium Non-stick Cookware set is on offer this Amazon Prime Day 

Tefal aren't quite as luxurious a brand as Circulon, but you still get quality and durability for the price you pay. This five-piece set is going for £30 less than the Circulon set, so are well worth a look if you're looking for a cheap deal this Amazon Prime Day.

This Tefal Premium Non-stick Cookware Set with Induction is down to £64.99 from £109.99

The pans feature nifty Thermospot technology which allows you to see the optimum cooking temperature for each pan. No more settling for tough meat from overcooking because you're not sure you've cooked it for long enough. 

All the pans in the set also have glass lids, and are suitable for all heat sources including induction. View Deal

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