Nintendo Switch gets a free system update that won't please everyone

Switch system software 17.0.0 now available

Nintendo Switch being used
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Normally, when Nintendo releases a system software update for the Nintendo Switch it comes with a number of key new features and interesting additions. However, system software 17.0.0 seems to be light where new capabilities are concerned.

Instead, the latest build of the console's operating system focuses mainly on stability improvements to "enhance the user's experience". That's hardly inspiring.

Worse still, some might actually be dismayed by one of the changes that has been spotted by dataminer OatmealDome (currently calling himself GhoulmealDome) – a number of obscure swear words across various languages have been banned.

Several naughty epithets are now on the bad words list.

The words "thot" (derogatory slang commonly used against women) and "reeee" (a word often used on message boards to express anger) have been added to the list. There are plenty of other offensive words and phrases added that we won't go into here.

Although preventing such language during chats is no bad thing, It does also mean that it's likely any usernames that contain either word, even accidentally, will no longer be allowed neither.

We've had similar issues with other services in the past, including certain place names (helps if you don't live in Cock End or Scunthorpe, for example), but it does seem a small price to pay to protect children online.

And it's frankly funny that it's someone's job at Nintendo to discover Japanese slang terms for testicles.

Other than that, there are few other front-facing, obvious changes. The datamine (via VGC) found that many of the system components have been completely refreshed, while some of the user interface graphics were updated.

If you haven't downloaded system software 17.0.0 on your Nintendo Switch yet, you'll no doubt be prompted to do so after installing a new game or visiting the eShop. This is the normal way we find out about a rollout.

We also wait to hear whether there are any references to the Nintendo Switch 2 in the new system code or minor hints. The console will reportedly be announced next year and release ahead of the 2024 holiday season.

It's alleged that it is being called the Nintendo NG internally.

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