Nintendo Switch 2 might not be far away, and it sounds like a monster

Nintendo's next console could arrive soon with upgrades

Nintendo Switch being used
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The Nintendo Switch's days seem to be numbered, speculation on its successor has been around for years but now it definitely seems like something is coming. From reports that the Switch 2 was secretly at Gamescom to talk of a massive raytracing upgrade, information is coming fast, and according to the latest set of rumours, so too is the console. 

Reputable Samsung leaker Revegnus took a break from the Korean giant to tweet that the Switch 2 will be dropping "early next year". That's news to us, with Nintendo insisting that there is life in the Switch yet (at least until April 2024), perhaps it could be a pint-sized Switch mini?

Also emerging is talk about the performance of a Switch successor. The console is starting to show its age compared to the likes of the PS5 and Xbox Series X (understandable given its 2017 release) so a performance upgrade is overdue. Regardless, the mooted performance of a new console has my mouth watering. 

A Switch 2 render

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According to Korean site Chosun Bizthe Switch 2 will feature a next-generation OLED panel from Samsung display. A gorgeous display paired with the rumoured addition of DLSS and 4K support would make for a console that's hard to put down. 

We would admittedly be surprised to see a Switch 2 launch super-early next year. While there are incoming titles for the console, like Princess Peach Showtime and the remaster of Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door, they aren't exactly AAA system sellers. 

If 2023 is to be the Switch's swansong year, it was a good one to go out with. We've seen two of the biggest titles of the console's life in Super Mario Bros. Wonder and Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom as well as the likes of Pikmin 4 and Hogwarts: Legacy

Of course, the biggest issue that everyone wants the Switch 2 to solve is Joycon Drift, but that's a story for another time. 

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