Nintendo Switch 2 could make the best Switch games even better

Upgraded versions of our favourites? Yes please!

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New rumours have emerged that suggest the Nintendo Switch 2 not only has backwards compatibility but could in fact enhance your old games. With the potential new hardware, your favourite Nintendo games will never have looked so good!

It's one of the most heartbreaking things in gaming. You get a new console bright and shiny and full of power, and you love it. But then one day you decide to boot up a classic game on your old system, and it looks unrecognisable and runs horribly. How did you ever like it? You can never go back.

Well, the Switch 2 could reportedly go beyond nostalgia and actually improve the performance of your beloved Switch titles because let's be honest, it was underpowered at launch and 7 years have only accentuated that. 

It was stated on the Portuguese podcast X do Controle and picked up by Universo Nintendo that developers will be able to make 'improvements' to titles designed for the original Switch. This would make it the de facto best Nintendo console out at the moment and be a great way to bolster what is normally a fairly limited launch lineup for new consoles.

The same sources also claim that backward compatibility will exist for both digital and physical copies of Switch games, so make sure to keep the same Nintendo account (and SD card).

The Depths in Tears of the Kingdom

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This didn't happen last time Nintendo upgraded its console from the Wii U to the Switch, probably because the Switch doesn't have a disk drive (it uses cartridges instead) for a start.

So how big of an upgrade could we see? Well, it would depend on how much time and resources developers are willing to put into improving their old games, but considering the Nvidia tech rumoured to be in the Switch 2 there's serious room for improvement. With both DLSS and raytracing support mentioned, that could bring a massive leap to not just framerates but also how games use lighting.

Obviously, though we're most excited for the potential of new Switch 2 exclusive games, and you can see our dream Switch 2 launch titles for yourself.

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