Ninja blender sale at Walmart: Save 50% on this single serve Ninja blender

Walmart's Ninja blender sale gets you a single serve blender for just $69.

Walmart's Ninja blender sale gets you a single serve blender for just $70.
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Staying healthy is key! Walmart's Ninja blender sale get's you one of Ninja's single serve blenders for just $70 – 50% off the original selling price.

Keeping yourself healthy is a critical part of combating illness, and a great way to help boost your immune system is through fresh fruits and vegetables. Ninja's single serve blender is perfect for making smoothies and juices in a quick, ready to serve container.

Ninja blenders feature Auto-IQ, an intelligent program that ensures your ingredients are blended to perfection. A better blend also ensures you're receiving all the vitamins and nutrients that come from fruits and veggies. Ninja's single serve blender takes the guess work out of blending, making properly blended drinks in just a few seconds.

You'll get two containers to use with your Ninja blender, a 24 oz and 18 oz. Perfect for a morning meal or a quick drink on the go. Ninja blenders are always worth their price, but at 50% off Walmart's Ninja blender sale is one hell of a deal for anyone looking to kick start their new health phase. 

Ninja Single Serve Blender w/ Auto IQ | Was: $139 | Now: $69 | 50% Off at Walmart

Ninja Single Serve Blender w/ Auto IQ | Was: $139 | Now: $69 | 50% Off at Walmart
Jump-start your next health kick with the blender everyone loves. Make fresh juices and smoothies quickly without the guess work, as Ninja's AutoIQ takes away the guess work and blends the perfect drink.

Ninja Single Serve Blender w/ AutoIQ Features

  • AutoIQ blending – takes the guess work out of blending with intelligent blending patterns for the perfect drinks
  • Pro extractor blades – break down ice, fruits, vegetables, you name it
  • Two containers – get both an 24 oz and an 18 oz container with Sip & Seal lids for immediate juice drinking
  • Optimized blending – nutrient rich drinks from proper blending ensure your body gets all the vitamins and minerals it can

Don't wait to get on that new health kick you've been thinking about. Start with eating and drinking properly and the next step will be a breeze. Walmart's Ninja blender sale can help you get started with 50% off a brand new Ninja single serve blender.

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