Next-gen OLED 4K TVs will solve the brightness problem and come in bigger sizes

Bigger, brighter panels are on the way from LG Display in 2021

(Image credit: LG)

It’s almost time for the big celebration. No, not that festive nonsense, we’re talking about CES and all the exciting new TV announcements it holds. Thankfully, the rumour mill means we’re already getting sneaky looks at what’s to come. 

In the video below, HDTV Test’s Vincent Teoh talks through a report from French site Avcesar and explains two of the biggest breakthroughs coming from LG Display in 2021 

First off is LG Display’s new capacity to produce 83-inch OLED panels. Previously those looking to go bigger than a 77-inch screen had to fall back on more traditional displays without all the colourful benefits of the best OLED TVs

Now though, new advancements in production technology mean that we’ll be seeing 83-inch models arrive and, of course, these won’t just arrive on LG TVs. Sony, Philips et al will all be able to buy these panels just as they currently do with LG Displays' current line up. 

While there will obviously be a price increase as the size goes up, the hope is that this new production technique will make these panels more affordable across the board 

Even more excitingly though is the report that LG Displays will also be producing more panels with a higher peak brightness. 

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This kind of brightness is currently only achieved in Panasonic’s Professional displays which, naturally, come with a price tag to match but deliver the most impressive OLED visuals. It's no coincidence we call it  “the best OLED TV in the world” in our Panasonic HZ2000 review.

The increased brightness of the custom panel capable of 1000 nits means that the true colours offered by OLED can truly shine. These panels have a higher peak brightness and are even better at clearing image retention meaning less screen burn risk. The addition of these panels to LG’s premium line up in 2021 and availability for other manufacturers is seriously exciting news for OLED in the new year. 

We’ll have to wait until LG’s announcements on January 11th to find out pricing and availability but we're getting ready to clear some serious space in the living room. 

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