News@8pm: White iPhone 4 arrives and HTC Flyer release date

Plus: Nokia tablet plans and PSN lawsuit

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White iPhone 4 alert: It's finally here. Dominating news at T3 Towers for the umpteenth day in a row, we finally got our hands on the hugely snowy coloured handset and even got some snaps of it. The official explanation for the delay came courtesy of Phil Schiller who described the handset's release process as more "challenging" than just giving the iPhone 4 a fresh lick of paint.


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In the tale of the tablets, a UK release date has emerged for the HTC Flyer which should hit T-Mobile on July 6. Nokia also announced its intentions to put out a slate, although they are yet to decide on its operating system or indeed anything beyond the fact it will, eventually, exist.

PlayStation Network's hack attack continues to reverberate round the online gaming world, with one litigious Californian striking the first legal blow against Sony for loss of his personal data. Nintendo would probably be fairly smug right now if they weren't protecting themselves from numeorus leaked Wii 2 details.

Finally, several domain names have gone for top money today after rumours suggested that Apple has bought for their upcoming streaming service and was bought for a cool £1.5 million.

Apple white iPhone 4 video: Unboxing and hands-on

Source: T3 Video