News@8pm: Mac App Store pictures and Galaxy S sales

Plus: Logitech Revue production halted

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Apple Mac App Store details have emerged giving us a taste of what we can expect from the desktop app store which is tipped to open its doors on January 6th. Incidentally, that is the same day that CES 2011 kicks off and today LG has unveiled 3D blu ray and speakers ahead of the Vegas tech showcase. Remember you can get news, reviews, video and live blogging from CES 2011 here.

Google and Samsung have two reasons to celebrate with news that the Galaxy S has topped 9.3 million sales, at the same time the Nexus S is successfully shot into outer space with many of the Android 2.3 smartphone features still in working order. It's not such good news on the Google TV front with Logitech Revue production having been halted until the next Google TV software update has been finalised.


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Apps continue to play a big part in our tech lives so we've taken a look back at the year in apps including our pick of some of the stand out T3 App Chart entries over the past 12 months. Android phone owners will be glad to hear that EA has followed its festive iPhone games sale with an Android sale equivalent as an early Christmas present. If you are interested in free Android apps of course, you can still win the Gentle Alarm app with T3's AppVent calendar.

A giant iPhone was used to launch Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light game, which is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the weirdest tech news of 2011 which we've rounded up for your viewing pleasure.

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