News@8pm: iPhone tracks locations and 3DS price drop

Plus: HTC Sensation and Galaxy S II release dates

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Apple's range of products have controversially hit the headlines today as users cite complaints with both the iPhone and iPad. In addition to the revelation that the iPhone is programmed to store its user's location data, it has been revealed that using data on a tablet abroad can cost you as much as 10,000 times the standard rate.


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First day sales figures for the BlackBerry PlayBook have been surprisingly strong with the RIM tablet selling 50,000 units and many stores selling out of the product. Meanwhile, it is rumoured Amazon is to launch its own rival tablet by the summer.

Concerns have arisen as to the success of the Nintendo 3DS after retailers dropped the price of the product to £180 following a series of health concerns were raised relating to the handheld console. One gaming stalwart that continues to go from strength to strength however, is Resident Evil whose sixth incarnation will be a complete reinvention.

Finally, a slew of smartphone release dates were announced today with the Samsung Galaxy S II being pushed forward to May 1st by Phones 4U and the HTC Sensation's launch date of June 8th leaked online.