News@8pm: iPhone mini and Nokia teams up with Microsoft

Plus: HTC Desire 2 specs surface ahead of MWC 2011

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Nokia and Microsoft officially joined forces as the struggling Finnish mobile manufacturer aims to keep up with Google and Apple. The Cupertino company is also amongst the headlines with rumours rife that an iPhone Mini, a smaller version of the current Apple smartphone could launch by the end of this year.


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HTC are set to be big players at MWC 2011, but it seems we could already know what they have in store, after specs for the HTC Desire 2, HTC Desire HD 2 and HTC Desire Wildfire 2 were leaked. Talk of a HTC Facebook phone has also surfaces once again, which comes a day after the INQ Cloud Touch Facebook phone (which you can check out below) was officially confirmed.

Twitter for Android has had a much needed overhaul adding new features to make the most out of your tweeting on the go. In other app news, Opera for iPad is set to be unveiled at MWC. Remember you can stay in touch with everything that's going on at the Barcelona expo at T3's MWC 2011 website.

INQ Facebook Phone review video

Source: INQ Facebook Phone video | Original: INQ Cloud Touch Video