News@8pm: iPhone 5 64GB leaks and new Xbox console

Plus: iOS 4.3 launch and no Sony Ericsson Phone 7 release

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Apple iPhone 5 continues to make waves in the rumour mill following the confirmation of the iPad 2. Today saw speculation of the handset's storage capabilities with the iPhone 5 set to host 64GB of storage after an iPhone 4 prototype with the same capabilities was leaked. In other iPhone related news it has been claimed Apple's latest iOS offering iOS 4.3 will launch later today.


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Windows Phone 7 updates have been the talk of tech town recently with the HTC Mozart now touting copy and paste features despite the coveted abilities still remaining elusive from all other Phone 7 devices. Elsewhere in the Microsoft world of Windows phone 7 Sony Ericsson has announced the SE Phone 7 leaked yesterday will never be released as it is just a tester model.

A battle of the web giants today saw Spotify and Google maps battle it out for virtual column inches. Whilst Spotify revealed it has topped 1 million paid subscribers, portable versions of Google maps set out to target independent sat navs by launching a new re-routing feature for the free navigational software.

Microsoft's Xbox console has been in the news today as rumours circle of an Xbox 360 price cut set to happen in June with the PS3 and Wii expected to follow suit. In more exciting news, Microsoft has revealed plans for the next generation Xbox console as job listings for Xbox 720 roles are advertised. Not had enough of an Xbox fill for one day, check out our Kinect vs. Move video below.