News@8pm: iPhone 4G launch and Motorola XOOM priced

Plus: Samsung ZX310 priced and Facebook to remain open

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Apple's iPhone 4G is expected to be unveiled in the US tomorrow in New york, after months of speculation the new Verizon version uses the LTE network and will utilise new iPhone 4G capabilities. Unfortunatley, there is no iPhone 4G on it's way to the UK anytime soon, as no network exists to support the LTE network.

Attention tube users, an app for the iPhone and Android has been released being targeted at commuters. The device is meant to wake you up and inform you of any delays on your preferred tube line whilst at the same time launching music to get you out of bed, saving you the hassle and embarrassment of running for your train.


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Facebook's Director of corporate communications has quashed rumours that the mamouth site will close in March this year, branding it as 'silliness'. Rumours surfaced after the claim was published on Weekly World News, a renowed site for a lack of accuracy and standards.

Unannounced paid-for celebrity endorsements found on twitter have come under scrutiny resulting in the Office of Fair Trading to crack down on these 'deceptive' posts. The concerns surfaced after it became apparant that some companies were paying twitters and celebrities to post positive tweets on their profiles without revealing the affiliations to the companies in question.

Motorola's XOOM is expected to retail in the UK at a more expensive price than previously thought. The XOOM initially appeared on website priced at £659.99, but with the introduction of Google's tablet-friendly Android Honeycomb OS this has now pushed the price to £719.99.

The much anticipated price for Samsung's new ZX310 Laptop has been revealed today. Retailing in the US market at $1599, it's hefty price tag is still $300 more expensive than the might MacBook Air, which it hopes to rival.

Amazon has announced the creation of the developers site for apps designed for Android. The site is designed to test and approve apps before they go on sale, ironing out any problems or issues with software before sale.

A suprise debut at CES as Hanvon unveil a potential rival to the Amazon Kindle at CES in Las Vegas. This E-reader has one thing the Kindle doesn't, a colour screen. The Hanvon E920 boasts a 9.7 inch display with 1200 x 1600 resolution, along with a 15 days battery life. Life in E-ink colour never seemed so good.