News@8pm: iPhone 4G launch and LG Optimus 2X priced

Plus: Dual-core BlackBerrys incoming and 3DS safe for kids

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Big news of the day came in the form of Apple's Verizon iPhone announcement. If you were hoping for a 4G LTE network version of the mega mobile, then keep on dreaming, as it failed to materialise at the press conference in New York this afternoon. Instead, the current iPhone 4 model will be stocked. Microsoft also launched an investigation today, looking into mysterious goings on with a number of Windows 7 OS touting handsets facing issues of vanishing data.


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Ever found Sudoku annoyingly difficult? Well fear not, as the Google Goggles app, can now read and work out sudoku puzzles, handy if you're trying to impress that special lady in your life, no not your girlfriend, your grandmother. In other gaming news, many parents can now breath a sie of relief as Nintendo has announced that the 3DS' 3D credentials are not harmful to their little darlings' pupils as long as their eyes are developing normally... Should have gone to specsavers.

Spam levels are set to increase as serial spammers come back from their Christmas 'leave'. Online security firms Symantec and Netwitness worker, Alex Cox told BBC news "As best we can tell, they took a holiday. The people running Rustock are running a business - albeit an illegitimate one - so maybe they needed time off too." Thanks Alex. However, in other news, T-Mobile has advised users to download big files at their homes and not on their phones. This comes after a statement on their website relating to the fair use policy, entitling everyone to use the internet. However using the internet, in T-Mobile mind is looking at websites and checking e-mails. No BBC iPlayer for T-Mobile customers then.

South Korean Tech giants, LG have today unveiled the worlds first Dual core handset, supported by Android. The phone will go on sale in the UK on Feb 21st priced £500, ouch. However, Stateside, Blackberry has announced that plans are in the pipeline to bring out its own dual-core handset, let's just hope it's not as expensive as the LG, for our wallets sake. Elsewhere on the dual-core sporting mobile front, follow-up to the hugely popular Samsung Galaxy S, the Samsung Galaxy S2 is to be unveiled at Mobile World Congress next month packing one of the extra powerful processors, lovely.