News@8pm: iOS 5 release date announced and CoD: Elite

Plus: iCloud coming to WWDC and 12MP HTC handset leaks

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The rumour mill has been in full swing today, with leaked images released of the HTC Mazaa Windows Phone, which apparently sports a 12-megapixel camera capable of shooting in RAW format, as well as rumours that the iPhone 5, expected to be revealed next week, will come with 8-meg camera and SIM-less design.


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Google has deleted console emulators from the Android App Market, despite the games proving popular with fans. Elsewhere in gaming news Activision has announced it is now letting gamers sign up to for the beta version of Call of Duty: Elite, an online subscription service that will launch alongside Modern Warfare 3.

Apple has announced its music streaming service iCloud will be officially unveiled at the WWDC next week. Also set to be revealed is iOS 5; the next update to the iPhone, iPad and iPod operating system. Both will be showcased during the opening keynote speech set to be held by the returning Steve Jobs.

With the update of the MacBook Air drawing near, supply chains are currently struggling with current stock following a price slash on older models, and finally; Microsoft is set to debut its tablet OS at the upcoming Computex and All Things D trade shows before taking on the likes of Apple and Google in the tablet market.